Are you an entrepreneur with a great business idea in your mind?


you have a steady growing startup?

And you have a question in your mind, “How to grow faster?”

and like everyone else you also want to give a boost to your business.

With a brilliant idea and business plan at hand you can achieve everything an entrepreneur thrives for.

But the next big question is “Will this be enough?”

The answer is NO!

Being an entrepreneur, you need something more than just an idea, you need latest tools, technologies and most importantly gadgets to implement your idea in a most productive way.

I’ve come up with some must have gadgets for your startup/business.

  1. External Hard-disk.

Yes! It is one very simple but an important gadget for your startup. Being and entrepreneur you can’t risk with the critical data. From the customer details to research data and client data, everything on your laptop/PC is of great value for your business to run.

In case of an emergency, it’ll be very essential to keep all your data backed-up with you in an external hard-disk. This will not only ensure that your data is safe but will also help you recover from data losses in worst case scenario.

  1. eero True Mesh Home Wi-Fi System

Everyone wants a lightning fast Wi-Fi connection, be it your home or your office.

Well, eero does the work for you.

The kit comes with the eero hub and two beacons that can be setup anywhere in your home/office as per your need.

With this complete setup you can cover 2-4 bedroom home OR your entire office floor.

Being an entrepreneur you need things at the go!


From data analysis to internet access and research, you need a fast and reliable Wi-Fi for your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or more.

eero True Mesh Wi-Fi system is a must have gadget for your startup or business.

  1. SMART kapp 42 Capture Board

Fire up your next business meeting with latest technology using SMART kapp 42 Capture board.

Don’t get doomed by the simple look of this board, this is an intelligent 42’ device that’s smart and connected.

Everyone logged in to the meeting can see everything you write or draw on the SMART kapp 42, all in real time.

This allows you to conduct meetings with people stationed at different places and explain things in your own style. SMART kapp 42 comes with a dry erase marker to draw anything on the 42’ display.

This is one innovative way to make your next business meet more interesting.

  1. MOPHIE Powerstation USB-C XXL Power Bank

What will happen if you’re working on something important and your phone/laptop battery runs out? I know it’s bad and painful at the same time.

But what if I tell you that this won’t be a problem anymore?

Great isn’t it?

Yes! The Mophie powerstaion USB-C XXL will save you in such a situation.

This system is designed for latest MacBook laptops that have USB-A and USB-C connectors. A massive 19,500 mAh battery is packed inside an elegant sleek design.

You’ll never have to worry about low battery with this powerful Mophie power-station.


  1. Pocket Printer/Scanner

How about having a scanner that can fit into your jeans pocket?


Despite the small size, the pocket scanner can instantly scan all your important documents and store it in your preferable storage device. Be it your legal documents or tickets or everyday bills, the slim scanner have proved to be handy equipment that will prevent the loss of your important physical documents.

Same is the case with slim printers. These printers operate on batteries. All you have to do is connect your laptop or smartphone and print any or all your documents on the go! Wait. This is not over yet. If you are in the manufacturing department then you can make use of 3d printing technology to easily print 3d objects in quick time. Infacts, for small level projects you can make use of 3d printing pens. One choice would be go for Lay3r 3d drawing pen , as it is smartest in the market currently. There are other options too. Make sure to do a quick research before buying these pens. But believe me they are worth it.

  1. Writey Desk Dry Erase Desk

Does this happen that you get an amazing idea in your mind, but by the time you find pen & paper, it’s GONE?

This can be more dangerous when you’re an entrepreneur. You never know which multi-million-dollar idea you miss out.

But not with Writey Desk! With the looks of an ordinary office desk, this innovative desk lets you write anything on its surface so you never miss a detail. Be it an idea that strikes your mind suddenly, or a note, or something important when you’re on phone. Just scribble down anything on the table and you’re good to go!

  1. Slidenjoy Dual monitor Extender

Being an entrepreneur, you have limited capital and resources, hence it is very hard to afford large number of workstations (PC/ laptop/tablets) even if you need them.

Here’s where technology plays a role. One laptop- working as 3 workstations- Connected. COOL!

Slidenjoy Dual Monitor Extender is a gadget you’d want at your desk. This device provides you with additional screens to maximize your efficiency at work. The tech is compatible with normal PC as well as your Mac. The strong and durable aluminium hinges allows you to slide and adjust the screen as per your need.

  1. Headphones with External Noise Cancellation

As an entrepreneur, you have to ready for anything at any point of time.

Be it on a vacation or in between your busy schedule, there can be an important call anytime of the day.

You need lot of focus to understand what the person on the other side is trying to say or explain. This is where a headphone with external voice canceling feature is handy.

Now you can answer all your important calls anytime, anyplace without any disturbance from external sources of noise.

  1. High Speed Multi-port USB charger

When there are many devices and fewer chargers, there’s a lot of problem to work smoothly. Waiting for turns to charge your device is time consuming and irritating.

Now there are many chargers available with multiple charging ports, recent ones being more advanced and can charge your device quite fast.

I strongly recommend you to get one for your office so that you and your team doesn’t face silly problems while working on something important which requires lot of work and focus.

  1. EchoSign

It is horrible to keep all the documents and important papers in folders which keep on increasing. Maintaining the directory and taking reference from it when needed is not just a laborious job, but is too much time consuming. EchoSign is an ecofriendly solution to this problem.

All you have to do is simply upload your documents on the EchoSign server and send it to the second party. With E-signing feature, signing contract is a hassle free process. Just type in your name and initials and EchoSign will simply save your documents on their server for you to refer whenever needed in future.

Not only you are saving your time and office space, but you’re also saving mother-nature by reducing your startups’ paper consumption.

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