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In recent times the Hoverboards games have become a viral phenomenon which is rare gadget maker which is not attempted to succeed in the new field. Anyways it is worth noting that the price of this miracle device is not that high. It’s not like all can afford to lay out a decent amount of money for the two-wheeled vehicle, which can be great much for the flat roads. Anyways if you are looking for the hoverboard games, I am here to get you some of the best of it.

1.Hoverboard Stunts Hero 2016

If you like to play the skateboard or the hoverboard online and do some of the mid-air tricks with it, this app can be the best one for you. This app is the real arena of skills which can show you that who is capable of what, and the best will get the recognition. So with the help of this app, you can surprise everyone with your skills. This game has everything which you need from it like the ramps, rails and much more exciting things without which the real skater can’t imagine his life.

This game comes out with the best features in it which can make the game much thrilling and real. They include the 3D-graphics, the smooth and relatively simple operation, and there is a choice of two driving styles and some unusual visual effects too.

Google Play Store link → Download

2.Hoverboard Racing

This is one of the different arenas wherein the player has to move quickly to become an expert in riding a gyroscope. These developers of the hoverboard racing will offer several f the game modes, which includes the multiplayer, capture the flag attack the zombies and collect the coins.

Every time before the game there will be a new task which is related to the rapid movement of the location to achieve all its goal in a brief time and the skills of others competing in the same area. You can buy a new transport and improve the current one to achieve the better results head.

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3.Hoverboard Future Race

In the recent times, the modern transportation for the youth is the hoverboard. It had become much fashionable these days and felt like living on the edge. Anyways speaking straight the cost of the invitation is rather large. If you are not able to afford this expensive contrivance, so then you can try your hand at the hoverboard future race game. Here your task is to compete with the rivals, intelligently dodge the police along with the narrow streets of the city. You have to try to keep much on the gyroscope so that you can gain many points.

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4.Hoverboard Rider

This hoverboard rider is on the streets, and here you will come across the people who will cleverly manage a small board with the two wheels. The all-new strange transport is called the hoverboard. This is much convenient for traveling the short distance but a very smooth and a flat road. This game can bring you much fun, and you can truly enjoy when you play this.

The graphics in this game will convey all the details of the city streets, the trees, the plants and many such things. You have to ride the hoverboard and roll on every smooth road. There i9s a task which you need to do in this for a specified period you need to collect the coins, do on your way you go the obstacles and the bumps in the road will arise, so here you need to gain some experience to overcome all these.

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5.Hoverboard Rider Skaty Girl

This is a magnificent game wherein you have to dodge and overcome the obstacles on your hoverboard. It is true that managing the hoverboard is not that easy. This can be an exciting game for you by collecting the points, jump, dodge and escape the ferocious cast. This is the real game with the 2D graphics with fresh possibilities for the trick and the animation.

This game comes with the great features like:

  • A superb hoverboard stimulator
  • The realistic Physics
  • The impressive graphics and the sound
  • It comes with the 15 levels with the different tasks in it.

Google Play Store link → Download


In the recent times when you can compare this can be the best hoverboard game apps all over. These apps have been updated consistently over a lot of years. In this app, you get an option to follow your favorite team for a much-personalized experience. You can download these apps utterly free on your android device. This is a great featured app it is surely worth trying.

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